Axio Scope A1 POL

Axio Scope A1 POL

This multi-talented stand from Carl Zeiss, specifically designed for polarized light imaging: The configuration of your Axio Scope.A1 polarized light microscope can be optimized for a diverse range of applications. The polarization units have been expressly designed for polarization microscopy and open up a variety of possibilities.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible configurations tailored to your requirements
  • Straightforward upgrades
  • Six position nosepiece

As a modular system, tailored to your specifications, the Axio Scope.A1 polarized light microscope can be configured for a wide variety of purposes and individual requirements. Two different polarization microscopy units are available in combination with a choice of three different bases. Your microscope configuration is tailor-made, however straightforward or complex your requirements may be. A significant advantage for your budget: you only invest in the components you actually need.  Future upgrades to Axio Scope.A1 for polarized light microscopy are both straightforward and cost-effective, thanks to the modular interface design. Adapt your system to your individual requirements in a variety of ways:

  • Expand the vertical sample space through the use of spacers
  • Adapt your microscope to various techniques and contrast methods by exchanging reflector turrets and sliders
  • Use the optional intermediate plate for analyzers and measuring analyzers.
  • With the ISCP (Infinity Space Camera Port) a camera port is available, which can be easily added at any time and is inserted in place of reflector turret or slider. For imaging in transmitted light, it constitutes a budget alternative to other camera ports.

6-position Nosepiece

The Axio Scope.A1 polarized light microscope eliminates the need for time-consuming objective turret changes, for example when switching from reflected to transmitted light: a plus for enhanced efficiency. The rotary stage is centered in relation to the fixed objective reference position in the objective turret. Subsequently, the remaining objective positions are individually centerable to the reference – the image position therefore remains unaffected by each change of magnification. The six-position nosepiece is equipped with M27 threads and as a result can accommodate the whole range of standard contrast techniques in transmitted and reflected light, as well as reflected light darkfield applications. Additionally to the five positions for HD objectives, the nosepiece features one position to house a DIC slider for Differential Interference Contrast.

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