Axio Observer Mat

Aio Observer Mat

Unrivaled Performance in Materials Microscopy

With the Axio Observer, Carl Zeiss is providing materials microscopy professionals the high performance optical tool they need to be successful. From microstructural analysis to particle measurement, grain sizing and other challenging applications, the ZEISS Axio Observer inverted metallograph provides you with maximum optical performance and flexibility in all areas of materials R&D, quality control, and failure analysis.

Developed specifically for the industrial market, the ZEISS Axio Observer highlights a powerful combination of the important features that materials microscopists need everyday, specifically: high-performance optics, ease of use, innovative contrasting techniques, advanced features, unshakable stability, and modularity creating a solid investment for the future. As an ideal instrument for a diverse range of applications, the microscope comes in three sophistication levels, the A1m, D1m and Z1m, offering complete configuration control. This ensures the microscope can be fine tuned to your specific application, so the microscope can always provide the highest performance possible. Choose from the value minded manual A1m, all the way up to the fully automated state of the art Z1m. The choice is yours.

In a nutshell: The ZEISS Axio Observer is the best player in the arena of materials microscopy. A player you want to have on your team with its impressive combination of brawn for durability, with an impressive array of brainy features and options for smart, fast analysis.

Download an AXIO OBSERVER MAT BROCHURE.pdf brochure.