Axio Imager II Series

Axio Imager II Series

Enter a New Era

It is more than just a microscope and more than just an imaging system – Axio Imager provides an innovative, modular microscopy platform for all your routine and research requirements and applications.

Axio Imager offers:

•the ideal imaging solution with uncompromising focus on digital microscopy

•the best optics – IC2S Principle with the highest resolution, clearly offering you more information in all contrast methods

•the best fluorescence with higher contrast

•an innovative stand architecture that can be adapted modularly to meet your individual requirements

•an intelligent stand with integrated software for controlling all of your work steps

•highest precision with the imaging cell and a closed loop z-focus

•extremely comfortable ergonomics and operation for more relaxed working, even over long periods

Clearly Higher Contrast

The IC2S beam path – innovation for higher quality

The beam path, redesigned for Axio Imager, is the result of the systematic optimization of the proven Carl Zeiss ICS infinity optics. Its outstanding benefits include high image contrast, perfect homogeneity and unprecedented resolution. With its freely accessible infinity space, Axio Imager allows you to interface additional components, such as light sources and detectors. This means it is extremely easy to build your own individual system solutions, enabling you to realize all your research ideas.

High-performance objectives – seeing even more details

Carl Zeiss has redesigned and systematically expanded its ranges of proven high-performance objectives especially for Axio Imager.

  • The EC Plan-Neofluar universal objectives. The consequently minimized stray-light results in a clear increase in contrast, a decisive factor in all microscopic techniques.
  • The Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.4 Oil objective is impressive not only due to its outstanding point spread function, but also, in particular, due to its improved chromatic correction.
  • The LCI Plan-Neofluar 25x/0.8 and 63x/1.3 Imm Korr objectives have been devised specifically for live cell imaging techniques and calculated for certain temperature intervals.

Perfect DIC – more homogeneous illumination

The even interference contrast with all magnifications from 5x to 100x over the whole field of view. Especially in digital imaging, a time-consuming shading correction is unnecessary. Another decisive advantage is that you can choose between two DIC sliders for the Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.4 and 100x/1.4 objectives: HR for highest resolution or HC for highest contrast – both optimally adapted to your application.

Superior Fluorescence

More Signal in Less Time

The reflector turret – faster with 6 or 10 positions

Speed is a key issue with all fluorescence techniques. Carl Zeiss has developed a component that is tailored specifically to this requirement: the fast, motorized reflector turret, which is able to hold up to 10 P&C filter modules. For fast multichannel imaging with no loss of time and no unnecessary bleaching. If you want to use more than six dyes at the same time, for example with multi-color FISH applications, the motorized 10x reflector turret with fast position changing guarantees the best results. Perfect, pixel-shift-free signals, even with extremely weak fluorescence.

High Efficiency filter sets – unsurpassed brilliance

Used for the first time with Axio Imager: the High Efficiency, or HE fluorescence filters, with a clearly improved signal-to-noise ratio. A higher transmission in excitation and emission coupled with steeper cut-off boundaries leads to better separation of signals and optimal efficiency. This results in up to 50% shorter exposure times. To protect your specimen.

Download an AXIO IMAGER II BIO.pdf  brochure