SMZ-161 Series

SMZ-161 Series








The SMZ-161’s optical performance combined with its expanded accessory line; make it an ideal instrument for the demanding requirements for both educational and manufacturing stereomicroscopy. From biological and medical preparations to industrial quality control and inspection, the SMZ-161 will deliver repeatedly clear and distortion-free images.

The Next Generation Stereo Microscope

  • ESD and non ESD version
  • New Lead free optical design
  • Greenough optic system
  • Compact and rugged

The optical system comes with a large-scale zoom range of 6.1-1.  The standard magnification range is 7.5x – 45x when used with 10x eyepieces, parfocal at all magnifications; magnification may be increased to 180x when a 2x auxiliary lens is used in conjunction with 20x eyepieces.  Standard working distance is 110mm; the SMZ-161 can be configured with a working distance range of 38.6mm up to 301mm.  A five position click stop continuous zoom mechanism enables precise reproduction of magnifications for accurate measurements when matched with a digital camera or eyepiece reticles.

The SMZ-161 may be mounted in track, pole or boom stands, depending on your specific requirement.