Axiovert A1 Mat

Axiovert A1 Mat

The Flexible Solution for the Materials Laboratory.

Versatility combined with an exceptional design and stability, efficiency packed into a compact size, powerful performance and easy operation – these impressive features make the Axiovert A1 MAT the perfect solution to the exacting demands of a busy materials laboratory.

Its superior optical performance is pure Carl Zeiss: a broad spectrum of outstanding contrasting techniques, upright laterally correct images, no need to prepare specimens with the metallurgical levelling press, modules and components tailor-made for a wide range of applications – in quality control and materials analysis, in the metal processing, building materials, glass and plastic industries as well as in research institutes or for training courses.

The inverted design of Axiovert A1 MAT provides enviable advantages for materials microscopists. For example, freedom of manipulation with large, heavy specimens and additional safety for both specimens and objectives.

The five position nosepiece turret is encoded, enabling Zen software (from Zeiss) to recognize when the objective is changed.  This ensures accurate and repeatable measurements.  The encoded nosepiece also enables the use of a light manager to save and recover light intensity values, making the microscope even safer and comfortable to use.

Contrasting Techniques

Reflected light: brightfield, darkfield, polarization, C-DIC, fluorescence

Transmitted light: brightfield, phase contrast, PlasDIC


Reflected light: Epiplan, EC Epiplan-Neofluar, EC Epiplan-Apochromat

Objectives for special purposes: LD objective (LD-Long Distance), immersion objectives

Transmitted light: CP Achromat, A-Plan, Plan Neofluar


The camera port may be configured to the left side of the microscope, or on the binocular head, or with both positions to accommodate both still and video imaging.