Axio Imager POL

Axio Imager Pol

Axio Imager for Polarizing Microscopy

The right microscope for your research tasks

Designed for all polarizing microscopic examinations – from mineral and fabric characterization to conoscopy of extremely small areas. Tailored to applications in mineralogy, crystallography and geology, and in the glass, building materials, fiber and textile industries.

This is what you can reckon with:

•Extra-high resolution and visibly more information with all contrasting methods

•Fast and positive diagnoses in orthoscopy and conoscopy

•Innovative ergonomic and operating concept

•Extendable modular system architecture keeps you up to date with manual or motor-driven features

The optics: EC Pol series of objectives – strain-free, high contrast.

The Axio Imager comes with a broad spectrum of polarizing objectives for transmitted and reflected light.

Axio Imager Pol - B

EC – Enhanced Contrast. The approved series of high-performance objectives have been specially redesigned and consistently expanded for the Axio Imager:

• EC Epiplan-Neofluar Pol series for specimens without cover slip examined with transmitted or reflected light.

• EC Plan-Neofluar Pol series for specimens with cover slip examined with transmitted.

Both series boast high resolving power and superb images: true-to-color, brilliant, with minimum stray light, completely flattened field, and high contrast – even with weakly bireflecting objects, and with all magnifications. In the low-power range, Carl Zeiss offers objectives magnifying 1x and 2.5x. Even the lowest magnification provides a maximum object field diameter of 23 mm.

Contrast Methods

Excellence with every relevant contrast method

Superior optical quality that delivers that extra bit of information which is decisive for your application.

Transmitted-light methods:

•Orthoscopy (linear and circular polarization)




•Differential interference contrast (DIC)

•Phase contrast

Reflected-light methods:




•Epodye fluorescence


•DIC (specially suited for finding ion probes, measurement points or microhardness indentations)

Circular Polarization Accessory for Transmitted Light

Yet another practice-relevant innovation 

The difference from today’s mainstream linear polarization:

•No extinction depending on angle

•All objects show their maximum interference colors

Axio Imager Pol - C

Two kinds of polarization – linear or circular

Download an AXIO IMAGER POl.pdf brochure.