The Motic® AE2000MET is an inverted metallurgical microscope that offers a solution for observing large size or irregular samples that could not be fitted  under an upright  microscope. These include metal parts, materials, minerals, die castings and precision molds etc. This latest addition to the Motic line is an excellent cost saving microscope for failure analysis, material research or quality control in fields including automotive, aerospace, machinery, tooling fabrication  and iron and steel industries.

A new generation of LM Plan BD long working distance objectives are fitted to the Motic AE2000MET. Made using high quality glass and an upgraded anti-reflex coating technology, these lenses are suitable for Dark Field, Bright Field, and Polarized Light observation.

The AE200MET is fitted with up -graded LM Plan BD metallurgical, long working distance lenses which use the Motic CCIS Infinity Optics concept.  A multi-layer coating and improved lens quality provide brighter and truer chromatic accuracy.As an option, an adapter allows for mounting a range of LM Plan Metallurgical lenses for Bright Field observation only.
Bright Field & Dark Field N.A. W.D.(mm)
LM Plan BD 5x 0.13 17.3
LM Plan BD 10x 0.25 16.3
LM Plan BD 20x 0.40 7.3
LM Plan BD 50x 0.55 7.2