Stemi 305

stemi 305 1

The Stemi 305 meets your demands in two respects.

On the one hand it offers the low-price advantage common with Greenough-type instruments; on the other hand it features outstanding performance at a price that will surely surprise you:

Ideal 3-D image

The optical system of the Stemi 305 images your specimens exactly true to nature: Brilliantly sharp, absolutely free of distortions and – even at low powers – at very high resolving power.  The 5:1 zoom range (pancratic system 0.8x…4.0x) magnifies the specimen sharper than any stereomicroscope of this class can do. With pre-set click stops for accurate and repeatable measurements.

Versatile Illumination for Sample Preparation305 a

Zeiss is a major player in the surgical microscope field.  Surgical microscopes are basically stereomicroscopes on highly engineered stands for use in operating rooms.  Surgeons can’t afford to have any shadows or areas that aren’t fully illuminated in the body cavity during the surgery.  To provide deep cavity illumination, surgical microscopes utilize vertical illumination.  This simply means that an illumination beam is sent vertically down between the two optical ray paths.  This allows the observer to see deep inside body cavities.  The Stemi 305 utilizes the same type of illumination.  Zeiss installs a small, bright LED lamp on the bottom of the nosepiece, between the two optical ray paths (see image above).  This provides bright, even illumination down into small holes, cracks, cavities, etc.  In addition, the microscope can still be configured with a ringlight for standard reflected illumination, providing the user with unparalleled image clarity and a stress-free imaging experience.

Image Documentation

The Stemi 305 is also available as a true trinocular microscope.  This means the observer can use both eyepieces, while also sending an image to a documentation camera.  Perfect for a training microscope!!

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