Stemi 508

508 a 508 bYour apochromatic stereo microscope with 8:1 zoom range for excellent image contrast and color accuracy

Large Field of View and Apochromatic Correction

  • Stemi 508’s apochromatic zoom optics and efficient stray light suppression give you a crisp three-dimensional image, distortion-free, without color fringes.
  • Visualize objects in fields of view up to 122 mm. The large 8:1 (6.3x to 50x magnification when used with 10x eyepieces) zoom range lets you observe even minute structures in high contrast.
  • Use interchangeable apochromatic front optics and eyepieces to reach any magnification between 2× and 250×. Double your resolution or enjoy large working distances up to 287 mm without compromising optical quality – it’s your choice.

Created for All Your Applications

  • Choose from compact stands to flexible and stable boom stands, from basic transmitted light to polarization contrast to get exactly what you need for your application.
  • Position your specimen precisely by adding a gliding, tilting or rotating polarization stage.
  • With Stemi 508 doc, there’s always a c-mount adapter for ZEISS Axiocam cameras included – interchangeable, to adapt any SLR camera or camcorder

Download Stemi 508 Literature