Axio Lab A1

Axio Lab A1

A Genius in Economy

Developed for laboratories, universities and training courses, for medicine, pharmacology and biology, for chemistry and the environmental sciences: the Axio Lab A1, designed to make your daily work easier, giving you the benefits in ergonomics, flexibility and stability you’ve always wanted. A microscope that will grow with your requirements – right up to the demands of advanced LED fluorescence microscopy. And one of the best things about Axio Lab A1 is the price. You’ll be surprised at the affordability of the outstanding Carl Zeiss optical and mechanical quality. Your decision for an Axio Lab A1 is a long-term intelligent investment.

With the Carl Zeiss plus-point guarantee for cost-effective performance:

    +Comfort: easy and fatigue-free operation

    +Individual solutions: you only pay for what you need

    +Advanced LED fluorescence microscopy

    +Quality: renowned Carl Zeiss quality at all levels

Contrasting techniques:  Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase contrast, Polarization contrast, Fluorescence contrast

Illumination:  Interchangeable and integrated LED and halogen lamps; Köhler illumination

Objectives:  A-Plan, Achroplan, N-Acroplan, Plan-Neofluar, Plan Apochromat

Download an AXIO LAB A1 BIO.pdf brochure