iSolution Cameras and Software

i-Solution is an extremely powerful, yet highly intuitive imaging software package designed iSolution 2specifically for microscopy.  It is available in three different versions:


i-Solution Lite:  A streamlined version, Lite offers the latest in acquisition, analysis and reporting functionality, including digital live measurement, focus enhancement, perfect focus, image stitching, fluorescent image overlays and an number of measurement tools. Measurement data can be exported to Excel with one mouse click, and calibrations may be password protected.


i-Solution:  A high-end imaging solution that offers everything Lite has, plus image analysis features such as automatic counting and sizing functions by thresholding.


i-Solution DT:  The most comprehensive of the three versions, DT includes everything in the i-Solution suite including metallurgical applications such as Grain Size Measurement, Ferrite in Cast iron, Graphite Analysis in Nodular Cast Iron, Non-Metallic Inclusion Rating, Stereometry for Biovolume, Large Size Object Measurement, and Auto Edge Detection.


Download an i-SOLUTION – BIO.pdf brochure

Download an I-SOLUTION – MAT.pdf brochure


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