Axio Scope A1 MAT

Axio Scope A1 Mat

Axio Scope

Tailored to industrial routine applications – Modularity has never before been implemented so consistently.

Axio Scope – this new versatile stand from Carl Zeiss is your microscope in every respect.

Flexible in every component, universally applicable and yet individually tailored to your applications.

Economical in every configuration because you only buy what you need today. Later upgrades to meet your growing demands are possible at any time.

You will be impressed by the system’s performance – and your financial controlling department will simply love the cost benefits.


Ideal for routine applications and highest demands:

EC Epiplan objectives for outstanding images 

EC (Enhanced Contrast) objectives from Carl Zeiss display minimized stray light and reflections. Their transmission and homogeneity is excellent. The reflected-light illumination design utilizes these quality features of the Axio Scope to the fullest.

Available as brightfield and brightfield/darkfield version. 

Achromatically corrected and produced with low strain for performing DIC in convincing quality. The economical all-round line of objectives generates a flat image field for an intermediate image size of 23 mm.

C-DIC:In all new EC Epiplan objectives, the exit pupils are identically positioned close to the objective lens mounting surface. Therefore, just a single C-DIC prism now enables Differential Interference Contrast in circularly polarized light with all EC Epiplan objectives.

EC Epiplan-Neofluar objectives:

Available as DIC, BD, C-DIC, Pol and LD versions. 

These objectives featuring particularly high-contrast are ideal for displaying fine color and structure details. Corrected to a high degree and produced with low strain, they generate a flat, 25 mm field of view. Ideal for displaying fine color and structure details such as lamellae in spheroidal graphite. However, these excellent objectives offer even more benefits: long working distances and high numerical apertures.

Flexible sample area

More space: samples only a few µm thick up to 380 mm high. 

The flexible materials microscope provides ample space for exceptionally large samples. Depending on the configuration, the size of the sample area can be scaled according to your needs.

From 0 to 110 mm: the scalability of the sample area

Due to the flexibility of its sample area, the Axio Scope sets standards for scope of action and an exceptional application spectrum. You have several options to increase the sample area.

In addition to the travel in z direction,

• the stage carrier can be lowered on the dovetail,

• the condenser carrier can be removed, e.g. if the stage is to be lowered beyond the travel range,

• and you can further extend the sample area at the interface between the upper and lower part by inserting  a 30 mm or 60 mm spacer – continuously up to 110 mm, depending on the configuration.

Axio Scope A1 MAT B


For sample heights up to 380 mm: the stand columns

As an alternative to the lower parts, the 380 mm or 560 mm Axio Scope Vario columns are available for your reflected-light and fluorescence applications.


You can continuously extend the sample area for large objects up to 200 mm or 380 mm without any tools. Simply crank the course focus wheel on the top of the stand column.

Connect different upper parts to the stand columns, perfectly matched to your applications and requirements.

Optimized at all heights: vibration stability 

Consistently low in vibration and based on a heavy metal base plate, the special design of the stand columns also meets high demands on stability.

Download an AXIO SCOPE A-1 MAT.pdf brochure