Image Pro Software from Media Cybernetics

Imgage Pro Software









  • Create, Download and Share Custom Apps 

Image-Pro Premier Apps allow you to easily design step-by-step workflows that walk you through your image analysis processes. Download apps from the Solutions Zone website or choose to develop and package your own apps to share with colleagues.


  • Capture Single Images and Movies 

Successful analysis begins with high quality images. Analyze live images, and stream multi-gigabyte movies directly to your hard drive.


  • Process and Enhance 

Reveal important details within your images with filters, color adjustment tools, alignment and tiling features.


  • Measure Distances and Areas, Track Objects, and Measure Intensity 

Extract quantifiable data from your images with a variety of measurement tools.


  • Automatically Count and Classify Objects 

Count and characterize objects using over fifty manual and automatic measurement tools. Automatically find dark or bright objects or use Smart Segmentation to threshold difficult images.


  • Automate Your Tasks 

Automation tools not only save time by eliminating repetitive steps, but more importantly, they minimize the chance of errors or inconsistencies.

  • Share Your Work 

Now that your analysis is complete, you need to share your findings. Annotate, export to Excel , send images to PowerPoint, create PDF reports and share an audit trail of your imaging steps.

  • Designed for Your Application 

Image-Pro software is used worldwide by thousands of researchers and imaging professionals in a wide range of applications including life science research, pathology, fluorescence imaging, ring analysis and aging, cell biology, industrial inspection, quality control, particle analysis, forensics and more.