Axio Scope A1 Series

Axio Scope A1 Series

Axio Scope – More Functional. More Economical.

The adaptable all-round stand for your routine and research applications – your microscope down to the last detail.

Customized microscope configurations because of consistently implemented modularity.

With its unusual flexibility, Axio Scope from Carl Zeiss can be used universally – and is yet individually tailored to your applications.

More economical than ever because you only buy what you need at the moment. You have the option of extending your microscope to meet your growing demands tomorrow.

Equally deeply impressing: the cost benefits and the performance.

Axio Scope – the latest generation upright routine microscope.

Fluorescence: Configure Today. Adapt Tomorrow.

Axio Scope is exquisitely equipped for fluorescence:

The completely redesigned reflected-light beam path convinces by outstanding contrast and excellent suppression of stray light.

Unique in this class: the interface in the infinity space

Axio Scope allows you to select the reflector turret or slider you require for your applications. They are quick and easy to attach and give you the flexibility you need. You can choose between a 2-position slider, a 4-position turret and a 6-position turret. By the way: As a further extra exclusive to Axio Scope, the interface can also be used as a camera port for transmitted-light applications.

LED Fluorescence: All New. All Integrated.

Merits of LED illumination

Extremely durable, cost-effective, convenient to handle and requiring no adjustment whatsoever. The LEDs will save you laborious lamp changes for a very long time, since they are on only when they are actually used in the beam path.

Axio Scope A1 Series - A

The reflected-light illuminator can be freely loaded with up to four LED modules. Thanks to synchronized switching with the reflector turret, the proper LED is turned on automatically whenever a new reflector module is swiveled into the beam path.

Download an AXIO SCOPE A-1 BIO60-2-0004_e.pdf  brochure.