PROGRES GRYPHAX® Series: Efficiency for your Microscope Workstation


Jenoptik PROGRES GRYPHAX® series offers state of the art USB 3.0 microscope cameras including intuitive microscope camera software compatible with WIN, MAC or Linux operating systems.

PROGRESS GRYPHAX Software features:

  • All cameras offer live images in video speed!
  • Automatic & fast exposure control
  • Live Multi-focus / Extended depth of Focus
  • Live Panorama / image stitching
  • Multi-Channel Fluorescence
  • HD Video recording
  • Time-lapse / image series
  • Real-time histogram
  • Real time image enhancements: sharpness, noise, dynamic, colors.
  • Measurements with text annotations and arrow marking
  • External image analysis image export
  • Individual device configuration
  • Image comparison
  • Optional status bar/scale/device name